Hard- and Software
for tree inspection


Models from Eurocode 1 und DIN 1055-4 
Vibration dynamics of trees exposed to wind

The impact of wind on trees is determined by various factors. Although they cannot be exactly predicted, such load estimations are indispensible for safety considerations. Arbostat provides a comprehensible option for the estimation of expected wind loads.

Wind parameters based on standards

Arbostat follows the calculative approaches of the Eurocode 1. The impact of urban development and topography on the wind structure is estimated by means of terrain categories based on national standards for aerodynamic engineering. Moreover, adjustments are made to small-scale airflow conditions, e.g. due to neighboring buildings or groves.

Evaluation of dynamic behavior

Structures subject to vibrations react dynamically in a turbulent wind stream. As resonance leads to higher vibration, power tips can be attenuated. These phenomena have been scientifically researched on trees during the past years.

Equivalent static wind load

Arbostat does provide current scientific results in order to evaluate the dynamic properties of trees. Following the regulation DIN 1055-4 an equivalent static substitute load is determined which causes the same amplitude like a gusty storm. This way, the results of tree static measuring techniques, e. g. pulling tests, can be compared to the impact of wind dynamics.