Hard- and Software
for tree inspection

Arbostat basics seminar and user training

Evaluating pulling tests using the specially developed Arbostat software (Arbosafe Hard- und Software GmbH) requires a basic knowledge of mechanics and wood physics, a clear understanding of safety appraisal according to engineering principles, plus experience in estimating wind load on trees and their dynamic reactions to it.

Training in the Arbostat software prior to its purchase is mandatory. TreeConsult regularly offers courses for small groups.

The training consists of four units, which are usually held on four consecutive days. Participants must attend the course on all four days in order to acquire the licence to use the Arbostat software.

Unit 1: Introduction - Tree Biomechanics and the Basics of Pulling Tests

  • engineering concepts and safety
  • fracture, Hook's Law, elastic limit
  • the tipping behavior of trees
  • wind effects on urban sites
  • dynamics of wind and trees
  • pulling test demonstration

Unit 2: Hands-on Training in Pulling Tests (TreeQinetic System)

  • measuring technology, devices and sensors
  • pulling test design and sensor set-up
  • data acquisition and validation
  • limits in the pulling test, risks

Unit 3: Evaluation with Arbostat Software

  • wind structure, tree response
  • adequate assessment of parameters used for wind load estimations
  • beam theory, material properties of green wood
  • the uprooting process, interaction of soil and roots
  • practical application in Arbostat

Unit 4: Practical exercises

In this unit, all the acquired knowledge will be applied to pulling tests and their evaluation

  • practical pulling tests
  • evaluations with Arbostat